Use Of Computers In The Medical World

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There are certain jobs which didn’t exist some time back but do now. Medical field has seen many jobs as such; half a century ago there was nothing called CT scan hence, no technicians to work them. IT is another industry which has seen a similar trend with many jobs created in the recent past. Information technology, or popularly known as, IT, is now very much used for medical purposes. Not only the CT scanning and X rays, but also Magnetic Resonance Imaging or MRI, patient monitoring and even surgery procedures such as laparoscopy are used in today’s medical world.

Positive impacts
Some are expressing fear of new machines; especially robots are used in various tasks and people fear that they will “take over the world”. But it is the year 2000s; we cannot avoid nor refuse progress. Whilst robots and the like can be enemies of human kind, they are also quite useful in many other ways. Cameras are also used in conjunction with computers for delicate work such as laparoscopic myomectomy. In that, a small camera is sent in to the uterus of a woman who has fibroids i.e. unusual, unnecessary growths which can even be cancerous. Without cutting her open, modern doctors can cut the fibroid cell masses and remove it through a very small opening in the woman’s abdomen. These sorts of enhancements are nothing but blessings. Technology has helped not only the patient but also the healer; there are now screening audiometer prices with which elderly doctors can better hear your heartbeat. So a very experienced medical practitioner still has some time to retire.

The future- research
Not only today, computers and technology are helping to shape also the tomorrow of the mankind. Technology is increasingly used in conducting medical research. With the online availability, scientists and medical professionals can now build and share databases of millions and billions of people without bothering to enter everything manually. Interested scientific community around the world can share their data, results and more. Contemporary equipments, machinery and software can be used to predict trends in certain diseases, eruptions and treatments. With these new methods they can find where something is most likely to come up at; and hence send help to the right place at the right time.

Household items
The same items are being helpful at home too. You can own a BP monitor, but what to do after checking the bloodpressure? There are new monitors now where you can connect it to a computer and gauge at which level you are now. We are aware of a certain level which is known as “high blood pressure”. But modern items will measure your atrial fibrillation and blood pressure both. Atrial fibrillation, simply, irregular heartbeat- medically known as arrhythmia- can lead to blood clots, heart failure or even stroke similar to high pressure. Both high blood pressure and arrhythmia are considered as controllable risks; with new technology we can prevent something simple leading to a loss of life. Internet or the World Wide Web is accused of being utilized wrongly. But it is in the hands of the user to operate it wisely. Similarly all these new technologies, if used prudently can be highly advantageous to mankind.