If you were to look around you, you will notice that everyone around us is sick and therefore there is a lot of work involved with having to medicate everyone and the queues at hospitals and at pharmacies are extremely long as a result of this. One great idea would be for you to invent a system that will allow doctors to prescribe medication with a computerized prescription that could be fed in to a machine that would automatically dispense the right medication with the right dosage. This would be efficient, fast and would save a lot of money for the patient because there will be a lot of money saved on staff salaries in the process. 

Things you will need to do

You will basically need to invent a tablet counting machine that will work automatically by computer than will dispense the right amount of medication to the customer with a note on how to take the medication. This information could be fed in to the computerized prescription by the doctor that could then be fed in to the machine in the form of a credit card type card. A machine like this would make getting medication a lot easier and would save on the need for countless staff at pharmacies. In fact, if unsure, a human pharmacist could double check the medication that is being given out to make sure that everything is under control at all times. In some bigger pharmacies with a lot of staff,  pharmacy dispensing systems are common but they too are usually operated by humans and therefore there is a lot of space for human error to occur in the cases of many customers queuing up to buy their medicines. In this industry, there is no room at all for any kind of human error because even a small error could kill someone or make them extremely sick.

We live in an era where medication is a much needed and there is a big demand for medication and medical care and therefore, a system like this could be extremely profitable for you on the long run and could also help a lot of people to get the medication that they need to get fast and more efficiently unlike the current system which forces them to wait in line for a long time. This will revolutionize the pharmaceutical industry and the medical industry to great levels and will make life a lot easier for the busy working adult. You can do research to find out what other features can be added to the machine.