A lot of people visit a best foot clinic in Melbourne when they feel sever pain in their foot or they have injured themselves. While this may seem like a basic and a common reason to visit a foot doctor, there are plenty of other things that they have expertise on regarding foot issues. They are professionals who have the ability to deal with all sorts of foot related concerns so if you are on a lookout for the best foot doctor, below are some of the things you should be knowing about them. Let’s find out what are those;

When should you see a foot doctor?

Whether you are having foot pain, foot injury, and ankle and heal issues, flat foot problems and so many other surgical procedures related to your feet, you should definitely visit this specialized doctor that will take care of you.


A foot doctor is a layman term for a professional doctor known as podiatrist. These doctors are known to be treating all issues related to foot such as evaluating, diagnosing and finally treating conditions that pertain to feet and structures of your leg.


The qualification of a podiatrist is just like any doctor. They have to study 4 years of medicine and 3 years of residency at a hospital. Once all this is done, they need to take an additional clinical experience and then take up board examinations. Once they have covered all this, they may then become professional foot doctors or podiatrist.

These doctors have a specialization in different areas such as sports, wound care, pediatrics and diabetic care. They are also able to conduct foot surgeries depending on their training, certifications and of course, specialization.


A lot of you may wonder what could be the reasons to visit this specialized doctor, well there are plenty of reasons to do so. While most of the foot pain treatments can be done at home, there are certain conditions that may require you to consult a doctor. These doctors will guide you and help in diagnosing the actual issue and if it is something serious they will recommend you a solution to it. Just like any other problem or a doctor, one shouldn’t take their issue lightly and visit the right doctor for this job.


Another thing that most people aren’t aware of is the kind of conditions they treat in order to cure foot problems. These issues are stated below but aren’t limited to the following;



Heel spurs

Ingrown toe nails

Shin splints




Sore foot