ptsd counselling

PTSD that is usually referred to as the post-traumatic stress disorder is a mental health condition that means that its treatment comes under the branch of clinical psychology or psychiatry. Post-traumatic stress is usually caused by a traumatic unwanted event that was much unexpected to the individual and it leaves its scars on the individuals mind and his mental health starts to deteriorate. There are a lot of people suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and one of the methods that are adopted by people to solve this is PTSD counselling. Psychologists and psychiatrists across the globe offer their help to such patients to ensure better mental health.

Symptoms of PTSD

Symptoms that help diagnose the problem are repeated memoirs from the traumatic event and memories that are causing stress to the individual, a feeling that such an event is or could be happening again, consistent bad dreams regarding the trauma, reactions to any such behaviour that may remind the individual of the event, avoiding people and trying consistently avoid talking about the event to anyone, avoiding any similar place where the event may have happened including any similar room in the house, thinking negatively about yourself and having negative suicidal thoughts, no hope for the future and a lot of disbelief in ones’ self, detaching yourself from very close people and avoiding any kinds of talks with them. People suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder can be easily frightened and are always on guard, they may have problems related to sleeping. In rare cases the victim blames him or herself for the event that has happened and has self-guilt. They can’t face themselves and are always thinking about suicide. If someone is facing these symptoms they should immediately contact a health service provider because special mental coaching is one of the best options for such people.

Contact a Therapist

If you or someone you know is experiencing these or any related symptoms you must reach to a psychologist as soon as possible because these people need help and are potential victims of suicide. As human beings we must know what is going around in our surrounding areas. We must notice any changes in behaviour of people we know and reach out to them to offer help. Post-traumatic stress is as bad as a heart fail or a mental break down and has to be dealt accordingly. People don’t always have the power to cope up with such incidents without help. A good psychologist may help you to open up about your experience they counsel you in an effective way and will help you until you are all good and better. In severe cases a psychologist may refer you to a psychiatrist who may give you medicines to control symptoms. For more information please visit our website